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About brighter health​...
At Brighter Health Counseling, we believe you have complete power to transform your life through the unique strengths you possess. We want to help you recognize and regain the best parts of yourself so you can brighten your life and your relationships. We are a safe and supportive environment, committed to honoring each individual with respect and dignity.

Becky Lopez is a licensed master social worker. She has been providing counseling services for over 13 years. Her counseling experience has been in both community and private practice settings. She has also spent some time working in the public school setting as a special education service provider. She provides counseling services to seniors, adults, adolescents, children, families, and couples with a wide range of concerns, including, but not limited to: feeling overwhelmed or stressed, depressed feelings, panic or anxiety, grief and loss, strained relationships or family conflict, current or past trauma recovery, self- harm behavior, substance abuse or dependence, adjusting to life situations or entering into new phases of life, and more.

Her primary styles are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is an approach that explores the connection between thoughts, feelings and behavior; Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, which focuses on achieving your goals through positive thinking and planning; Emotion-Focused Therapy which focuses on strengthening attachments with significant others in your life; and Mindfulness to help gain awareness and control over thoughts, emotions and responses to experiences.

Molly Dean is a licensed clinical therapist at Brighter Health Counseling. Molly is a Michigan State University graduate with a master degree in Counseling. She works with individual or groups of adults or children who seek help with issues of grief and loss, anxiety, depression, health concerns, life transitions, addiction and or co-occurring disorders. Her role as a professional counselor is to listen and help each client identify strengths & challenges, set appropriate goals and skill-build to reach them. My training is from a cognitive behavioral framework and my approach is holistic. I assist clients in bringing physical, mental emotional and spiritual understanding and balance to their lives. 

I've worked for many years with adults and children who've experienced grief and loss issues. I've also worked with clients challenged by addiction and or mental health disorders. I am particularly interested in the interplay between mental health, communication styles and acceptance and commitment theories.

John Coleman is a licensed clinical therapist at Brighter Health Counseling. John is a 2009 graduate of Central Michigan University and Aquinas College in 2005. For the past 5 years John has worked as a school counselor and behavior consultant with Grand Ledge Public Schools. He has also spent time as a therapist with Community Mental Health (CMH) for Central Michigan and for Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties. John has worked with a diverse population of children, adults and families suffering from traumatic stress, depression, substance abuse or dependence, grief and loss and other life experiences. As a former college athlete John is interested in helping other athletes to connect thoughts and feelings to improve their performance.

John’s primary styles are: Cognitive behavior therapy and brief solution focused therapy strategies. 

Kayla Lee Cox is a licensed clinical therapist. She attended Michigan State University graduate school where she obtained her masters degree in social work. She has been providing counseling services for over 5 years. Her counseling experience has been working primarily with adults and adolescents, using cognitive behavioral therapies, motivational interviewing, trauma therapy and substance use counseling.


Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or just need a safe environment to explore life's curve balls? My therapy style is compassionate and non-judgmental. I believe in meeting individuals where they are at and creating goals together to improve and manage day-to-day stressors. 

Who of us does not wish to feel at ease and be able to express our fullest self wherever we may find ourselves? The counseling process is an opportunity to learn and grow, to remember who we are, and to gain ways to fully express our true self and potential. 

Rebecca Chessney Jones-Henry is a licensed clinical therapist. She is a licensed professional counselor. She has been providing counseling services for over 5 years. Her counseling experience has been working primarily with women, children and families.

She is very passionate about helping others discover their potential and life purpose. In her private practice she prefer to use a Holistic approach to counseling while blending Trauma Focused Care with Client centered needs. She would like to assist in coaching and supporting women, children, and families to find their happiest and healthiest of realities. 

She specializes in treatment of attachment, healthy relationships, holistic health, trauma treatment, infant mental health, foster care needs, and women's issues. 

She believes that all the answers are within you, and, together, can create a plan to discover what you need to live a meaningful, healthy and purpose filled life. She will be happy to explain all of these counseling styles to you. 

Elizabeth Allen is a LLMSW. She attended University of New England where she obtained her master’s degree in social work in 2017.  As a licensed clinical therapist, she uses a holistic approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Internal Family Systems. She providing a safe non-judgmental environment.


Elizabeth is experienced working with adults, children, adolescents, teens and couples. She has specialized in anxiety, depression, trauma, women's issues and working with families and children who are experiencing significant challenges. She is a LGBTQIA ally. Clients who work with Liz appreciate her caring, genuine and down-to-earth approach.


Life’s intense challenges can be overwhelming to deal with on your own. Whatever you are facing, you don’t have to face it alone. You may fear that acknowledging certain issues or feelings will overwhelm you. Many of us have learned that in order to be accepted, we must suppress our true feelings. This suppression of our real feelings, experiences, challenges may influence our behavior in unpredictable and negative ways and leave us feeling isolated, hopeless and alone. No matter what you’re feeling or facing, you are not alone and there is hope. Working with a skilled therapist leads to healing, growth and living your life to your fullest potential. 

Pamela Dunckel is a licensed professional counselor and infant mental health specialist.  She attended undergraduate school at Hope College and graduate school at Spring Arbor University. She lives in the community with her husband and two children.  She and her family enjoy rooting for the Spartans.  


For the past 15 years, she has been working with children, couples, families, and adults in the child welfare field in family preservation and at CMH.  She has specialized training in infant mental health and enjoys working with expecting parents, teen mothers, mothers with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, parents who have experienced trauma or loss and are parenting young children, and couples who are adjusting to their role as parents or have concerns about their relationship with their child.


In her role as a therapist at CMH, she also worked closely with children who experienced trauma and loss, children who are in foster care or adopted, children who have attachment disorders, and parents who are fostering or have adopted.  For young children, she approaches trauma and attachment difficulties within the parent-child relationship, as she believes caregivers are important in helping their child heal. 

Ashley Turner is a licensed master social worker. She is certified as an advanced addiction counselor (CAADC) and trauma specialist (EMDR and TF-CBT trained). She has over 12 years of clinical experience and is passionate about serving youth, families and individuals. 

She has worked with a variety of populations, including women’s health, pregnancy and adoption, parents and infant mental health, children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. Her areas of specialty include PTSD, life transition, relationship challenges, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, attachment and childhood/family of origin substance abuse. 

She embraces those she serves with an unbiased, respectful, laid back, and empathic approach. She knows each individual is unique, so utilizes their strengths and needs to assist them in finding their sense of purpose, hope, and ability to cope when life throws a curve ball.

Other therapeutic approaches Ashley uses are cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, seeking safety, nurturing parent, solution focused, mindfulness, family systems and play therapy.

Kim Zeiger is a licensed master social worker. She is also a certified family life educator and evidence-based trauma treatment provider.

Every day is a chance to change your life.

Life can be unpredictable, demanding, full of adjustments and trials. Are you feeling overwhelmed with emotions and experiences that are difficult: stress, anxiety, depression, parenting, relationship difficulties, a traumatic experience?  The first step to feeling better is to ask for help.

The healing process takes courage and creativity.  IMAGINE YOURSELF . . . -Being more self-confident. -Overcoming challenges. -Creating a balanced life. - Enjoying healthy relationships. -Having clarity and direction to move forward.

I feel honored to provide a safe place for you and/or your loved ones to explore the resilience within each of you. I believe each individual is unique and holds the keys to their own healing. Sometimes we need someone to work beside us to recognize what we already know and to help us with the steps necessary to achieve change. I strive to create a warm, nurturing environment to help individuals, children, couples and families live their best life

Anne Hughes is an LMSW with a wide variety of life and work experiences which has given her the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. She practices an integrated therapy drawing from a variety of evidence-based models. She is continually working to expand her therapy knowledge and skills in order to offer her clients the right treatment for individual needs. She has specialized training in Infant Mental Health, DBT, Child Parent Psychotherapy, Play Therapy and Trauma Informed Therapies. She has many years of experience working with children and families but also welcomes adult clients and couples. She has experience treating people with a range of challenges including but not limited to depression, anxiety, relationship challenges and a history of trauma.

Anne believes everyone has the capacity to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Sometimes though, we face challenges and barriers which may seem overwhelming. Therapy can help identify the source of these challenges and how to overcome them.

Blake McCullough is Licensed Master Social Worker and Limited Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with extensive experience in working with children, adolescents, couples, and family’s. He also has a background serving his State and Country as an Officer in the Michigan Army National Guard. Blake has a wide variety of life and work experiences which has given him the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. He utilizes various evidence based practices in his clinical work. He strives to ensure his clients are receiving the best clinical approach to help with their individualized needs.  Blake has specialized training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Integrated Family systems.

Blake believes that everyone is capable positive change and growth no matter their circumstances. Therapy allows people to reflect, assess, and take the necessary steps to increase life fulfillment.

Domonika Cope, is an LLMSW. She believes that life is a journey to be lived. She approaches her clients with a person-centered approach and believes that each client has a unique story to share.  She graduated from Michigan State University with her Masters Degree and has provided counseling in various capacities over the past 5 years.

She is experienced in working with adolescents, adults, families, and couples. She specializes in chronic illness, anxiety, depression and grief.  She would like to assist you with those areas in life that can be more difficult to face alone. Some of her therapeutic approaches that her clients appreciate consist of strength based therapy, culturally sensitivity and compassion focused therapy.  

In a supportive and safe environment Domonika will walk along side you and offer words of encouragement, supportive and active listening all while adding new coping skills to your toolbox. She understands that stepping into a therapy room takes courage and she commends you for taking the first step in changing your forever.