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Adrian Koenig

Adrian Koenig earned a master's degree in social work from Michigan State University. While most of her experience stems from a medical background, Adrian has found a passion for clinical therapy. She has 6 years of experience working with older adults and their families who are dealing with grief and loss. Along with grief and loss, she specializes in life transitions, loss of independence, and chronic or terminal illness. Adrian also enjoys working with children and adults who have physical impairments, cognitive disabilities, and behavioral issues. She works to teach them life skills such as cooking, cleaning, mental & emotional self-care, job skills, and participating in activities like music therapy. 

Adrian looks to understand each person from a biological, physiological and psychological standpoint to provide empathy and understanding. She believes in collaborating with clients to set simple, realistic, and obtainable goals in order to change challenging life situations. Adrian uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, The Gottman Method (couples counseling), Motivational Interviewing, Music Therapy, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy methods to help her clients achieve their goals.

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