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Chris Horton

Chris Horton has over 30-years of experience in the counseling field, is a LMSW, and has his MSW from Michigan State University.  His primary career focus has been working with at-risk children-adolescents and their respective parents/guardians. He also has experience working with younger to middle-aged adults.  Through his own life experience and clinical training, he has worked with gender non-conforming adolescents and young adults.  He specifically would like to engage parents of gender non-conforming children-adolescents to support them in their journey of understanding, support and affirmation. 

He would also like to support adult males as they journey closer to retirement age and provide guidance and support on how to transition from a career focus to the next exciting stage of their lives. Chris believes that underpinning all successful therapy is the development of the relationship between client and counselor/therapist.  The relationship must be caring, trustworthy and authentic/genuine for the client to successfully engage in the process and move forward in life toward more successes.  Chris looks forward to meeting with you and building a relationship that is caring, warm, real and full of hope and opportunity.

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