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Misty Lauchie LLPC

Misty Lauchie is a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor, with many years of  experience working with children, families and individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds as well as extensive mental health, developmental and relational challenges.


She enjoys working with people and walking alongside them as they achieve their set goals. Helping individuals realize the strength and power that we all possess to cope, heal, and recover is a passion for her.  She uses various forms of treatment and psychotherapy to assist individuals with  attachment and relationship issues, early childhood mental health, parenting issues. relational issues, trauma, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, life coaching, life transitions and spirituality counseling.

Misty's belief is "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." 

She is very approachable, warm and genuine, leads with kindness, acceptance and an open heart. She has the innate ability to really SEE others and help them to feel safe and comfortable in the treatment process. She enjoys working with babies and moms, older children as well as individuals , and believes that attachment relationships and attachment relationship style steer the way we cope and respond to every area of our lives.


Misty believes in the possibilities and power of healing through relationships and sees her role in this process as a conduit for change.

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