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Sarah L.H. Cushion

Sarah L.H. Cushion, is a Clinical Mental Health counselor specializing in Adult Mental Health, Substance Abuse struggles, Couple's Counseling, as well as biological sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation affirmation.

Life will always have its ups and downs. Whether that means a struggle with interpersonal connections, family, employment, mental illness or substance use. Having someone to help you through those times is truly critical. Finding the right counselor is even more critical, someone who is empathetic, motivated and dedicated to your health and wellbeing.


Life's hurdles do not define who a person is. When you are dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction or any of life's challenges it can feel like it is your entire identity. Counseling is an incredible chance to face life's struggles and to help you realize that your challenges do not make up who you are. Allow Sarah to help you to become your best self. 

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