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Shoshie Fox-Long, LLMSW

Within her first few years of college Shoshie Fox-Long finally figured out what she wanted to do as a career. Shoshie realized she wanted to help people through their own life obstacles, trauma, life stages and more! Shoshie wants to help others with their mental health, and make their world a better place.

As Shoshie continues to learn and grow throughout her professional career, she wants to work with a variety of populations and ages. Shoshie's passion is working with children, youth, and families, but will work with so many others. Shoshie enjoys working with those who identify as minorities, brown youth/adults, child/adult adoptees, Latinx and those who struggle with anxiety, depression, body image issues, stressful life stages/obstacles and so much more!

Specialty areas: Children/youth/families counseling, couples, addiction/substance abuse, behavioral problems, adoption, brown children/youth/adults, grief, anxiety, depression, life stages/obstacles, stress, body image issues, eating disorders and advocacy.

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