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Yuliana Lopez

Yuliana Lopez is a Limited Licensed Master Social Worker-Clinical (LLMSW-C), and a Bilingual Clinical Therapist. Welcome on taking the first tenacious step for personal growth and healing! The therapeutic process is essential in finding the right therapist for you.

Yuliana provides individual therapy and has a passion for working with young adults, university students, first-generation individuals, multiethnic/racial individuals, marginalized/minoritized groups, and Spanish speakers. Yuliana is also well versed in identifying healthy coping and self-soothing mechanisms related to depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, life-stage transitions, school-related concerns, and stress-management.

Yuliana is fluent in Spanish. "¡Hablo Español!”

Yuliana strives to be an inclusive therapist by fostering a trusting, therapeutic relationship; while providing a safe, validating, and non-judgmental space. Yuliana will work with you to build rapport and individualize your treatment goals. She looks forward to collaborating with you, exactly where you are, and creating positive change through your healing journey.

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