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Jazmin-Guy Wallace

Jazmin Guy-Wallace believes the client is the expert on their life. Jazmin  is here to guide, encourage and highlight what she sees to help them come to clear solutions. Her experience lies in working with individuals who are struggling with adjusting to life changes or addressing childhood trauma. She also enjoy working with parents who are balancing new roles/ identities. I have a background providing support with individuals battling substance abuse and addiction. Jazmin has experience helping people with relapse prevention to regain control of their life.

She is honest and direct, allowing people to get to the root of their issue, trauma, or grief more effectively.


always been interested in what makes people who they are. She is a kind-hearted, open-minded, dependable, truly caring person, which makes her good at she does in her personal and professional life. Jazmin has a warm and bubbly personality, making it easier to share your truth.

Yes, life is hard. Many times, we expect ourselves to do everything and to do it perfectly. Let’s work toward creating realistic expectations for yourself and for others. Whatever you are feeling is valid. Whatever you may be going through, addressing your mental health takes courage and willingness to grow. Jazmin is here to create a safe space for you to share.

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