Jazmin-Guy Wallace, LLPC

Jazmin Guy-Wallace It often feels like life hits you from all directions and it can be scary to navigate that alone. I’ve got good news! You don’t have to. Seeking help is the first step to reaching your greatest potential. My passion is people, and my purpose is to help. Everyone has a story, and I am honored to walk alongside individuals as long as necessary to listen and help however I am able.

The client is the expert on their life. I am here to guide, encourage and highlight what I see to help them come to clear solutions. I am a kind-hearted, open-minded, dependable, truly caring person, which makes me good at what I do in my personal and professional life. I have a warm and bubbly personality, making it easier to share your truth. I am honest and direct, which allows us to get to the root of your issue, problem, trauma, or grief more effectively.

My experience lies in working with diverse people to help them grow into who they strive to be and to improve their current situations. My clients include individuals who are struggling with adjusting to a life change or even addressing childhood trauma, parents who are balancing new identities, individuals battling substance abuse & addiction, and couples who are transitioning into long-term committed relationships. 

Whatever you may be going through, addressing your mental health takes courage and willingness to grow. You have taken one difficult step by looking for an experienced, kind, understanding therapist. I am here to create a safe space for you to share and grow. Let’s walk through this journey together!”

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