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Erika Ongena

Erika Ongena loves working with children. Erika was a social worker at the elementary school level for 10 years prior to private practice, which allows her to bring a unique skill set to my work with children. She moved to private practice to have the ability to work on a deeper level with children and their families.

Erika specializes in helping children with behaviors, child life transitions, and school stressors. During sessions, she will introduce new techniques and skills based on the identified need through lessons, games, interactive play and activities. Working as a team unit and collaborating between all necessary parties is a priority for me as a therapist.

'I genuinely enjoy working with children and making them feel comfortable and positive about themselves. Building a solid rapport and trusting relationship with my clients and families is what I strive for as a therapist. My biggest goal is for them to enjoy coming to counseling and leave our time together in a better place than when they came.'

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