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Erin Parcell

Erin Parcell believes that life is full of many challenges and we all need a community of support to navigate it. Erin wants to be part of that community for you. During the course of our strenuous daily lives, it's often difficult to find time to devote to investing in yourself. Worse, when new demands arrive unexpectedly, it can feel like that time is the easiest thing to sacrifice. When we work together, in a safe, open, strength-based environment, that investment will be our only focus, free from competition by any other demand. You will guide your experience from beginning to end.

Erin brings a diverse background of experience spanning 19 years of supporting clients aging from young childhood through mid-adulthood. Erin supports people with childhood concerns such as ADHD, bullying, family, and trauma through concerns into adulthood such as stress management, depression/anxiety, life changes, grief, relationships, and trauma/PTSD.

Erin is passionate about helping others become the author of their own lives. Let's start your next chapter now.

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